What Is A Wellness Coach?


A WELLNESS COACH is sometimes referred to as a Health Coach. You will often see these words are inter changeable or together such as a “health and wellness” coach. Wellness encompasses emotional growth along with healthy eating and physical exercise. The wellness coach works with you to focus on a (i) plan of action to (ii) reach defined goals.

Plan Of Action

  • Assess physical needs
  • Assess emotional needs
  • Then…set goals
  • Build a plan of action

The plan is to provide healthy choices to fit in your lifestyle rather than changing your lifestyle. Nutrition plays a big role in wellness. Have you ever heard of emotional eating? I live on peanut butter on toast for breakfast. It sometimes reminds me of getting ready for a marathon. A good memory! Now, I’m getting ready to battle the traffic and start my day at work. Peanut butter still does it for me. Is it an emotional need? Yes! Also, full of iron and protein.

Herbs and Herbal Teas

If you like tea, The wellness coach will recommend teas to help you reduce stress in your life. If you drink herbal rose hip tea, with honey, you have a powerhouse of vitamin C. A hot beverage is emotionally satisfying too. Good idea against winter’s chill. Teas not only warm you up they provide physical perks. Some herbs such as Valerian help you relax. Valerian or camomile tea are known to induce sleep.

Valerian (herb) Flower


Some describe wellness coaches as more nurturing. In that, they help you get your life back in order by promoting strong, emotional incentives. Other coaches provide more of a “DRIVE” for improvement. A wellness coach combines the physical with the emotional. A sports coach and a life coach incorporate some wellness practices too. But, there are distinctions. Wellness is closer to a holistic approach to bettering oneself. A natural, healing practice.


Be your Own Wellness Coach

You Can Do It
  • LOVE YOURSELF: The first step is really about creating a positive mindset. Know in your heart that you are worthy of being nurtured.
  • EAT MORE GREENS: Not to force yourself to cut out foods you love. Instead, simply adding more fresh and cooked vegetables to your existing diet.
  • LISTEN TO YOUR BODY TALK: Do you experience bloating after eating dairy? Does fast-paced exercise make you dizzy? Are you feeling low energy? Your body is talking to you. Experts will help you fix it.
  • OVERCOME FEAR OF CHANGE: What is holding you back from pursuing your heart’s true calling. Ask yourself what stands between you and authentic joy and freedom—I bet you already know the answer— Make plans to take action.
  • MAKE TIME: Make time to cook, exercise, enjoy nature, laugh with friends, take a bath, read a good book, and do anything else that nourishes your body, mind, and soul.


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4 thoughts on “What Is A Wellness Coach?

  1. Well done. A nice story. I enjoyed reading about peanut butter. I am a fan too! On a serious note, when I have a bad day or on a downward slide, its nice to remind yourself that you can climb out of it.. GOOD TIPS! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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