Zombie Workout ~ 10 Minutes!

Get In The Spirit!

TRUE STORY: A few weeks ago Michael sent me this Zombie workout. I know he was being helpful. If I did not print it out, I would not hear the end of it. Is it on your frig? “Yes Michael”. I started doing the workout, from sheer guilt. As soon as I got up, I put the coffee on and got my 2.5 lb weights and started the zombie jumping jacks. I noticed the difference after one day. But, after 2 weeks I felt so remarkably stronger. I broke away from my zombie-like lifestyle. Everything was better …by Melanie S.


I found this great workout site from one of my twitter connections. The website is darebee.com They have over 250 workout sheets. Free download: 4 workout cards per page or Individual printouts…A THRILLER! TEAM Zombie workout.

PRINT Zombie WORKOUT And Put It on Your Frig!

Zombie Fan!

TRUE STORY: Having been a slug for a few years, I did feel like the Walking Dead 😦 until Michael sent me this Zombie workout. I stomped away at my jumping jacks like a true zombie. I can do this..YES! I CAN do this!! Such a small thing makes such a big difference. I was so surprised how great I felt for the rest of the day. Thanks Michael for giving me my initial push. I am a true ZOMBIE fan! …by George C.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

ADD WEIGHTS: One friend uses 2.5 lb. hand weights when performing the “ZOMBIE” routine. Think THRILLER or Walking Dead! Even better, play THRILLER or The Monster Mash ( youtube) for extra motivation while you Zombie out. Lovin’ every minute or should I say lovin’ each and every 20 count reps!

Weights Build Bones


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