Hi, I am Michael Jordon, a Snow Fanatic and Lover Of Life!

I come to you in the shape of an adventurer. Each passing year the importance of life is heightened, I have embraced energy from everything around me. I do believe we are a conduit or conductor of energy. I don’t mean Frankenstein! Who do you want to be? A slug on a hot, dry sidewalk; barely moving. Or, Johnathan Seagull, soaring through the skies. It’s up to you! 🙂

I would like to share my energy with you, if you will allow me in. I would like you to find great energy and love of life. I share my endless search with you. When you find that moment and say, “This is where I need to be!” it is a glorious momment! 🙂

Does it sound like something you would like to pursue? If so, hang in there and join me as I share my journey with you! 🙂

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