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HEALTHY GUT: Belly Be Well”

There has been a lot of research and talk about ‘Gut Health‘ and the relationship to our immune system and brain. You’ve also heard about leaky gut : due to toxins and thin spots on the intestinal lining. We are going to concentrate on “Good GUT Bacteria“. We need healthy bacteria to survive and killContinue reading “HEALTHY GUT: Belly Be Well””

CARPE DIEM ..How To “Seize The Day”?

According to Psychology Today, mental practices (like visualization) can increase motivation, confidence, and even motor performance. In fact, in one study, researchers found that, in athletes, visualization was almost as effective as physical practice. Visualization WORKS! It is true. Do you see yourself as a winner? Keeping believing. Keep the thought in your head. ItContinue reading “CARPE DIEM ..How To “Seize The Day”?”

Get Jacked! In 30 DAYS

The No-Frills, 1-Month Path to Get Jacked I grew up with this workout! Give celebrity fitness trainer Joe Dowdell, C.S.C.S., a month to get you in shape and he won’t put you through a series of fancy HIIT workouts. Joe is the trainer for Gerard Butler and Mario Lopez to get them camera- ready. TheContinue reading “Get Jacked! In 30 DAYS”

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